What is spot cooler? – 6 Applications of Spot coolers

What is spot cooler?

Good Question!
Spot Cooler, is a great procedure used to cooling the place which can’t use large air conditioning system. It is a small, self-contained, portable a/c units.
In many places, you can not put in a standard air conditioner system. Spot coolers maybe are your fantastic alternative.
Yifannuo Spot Coolers6 applications of spot cooling:
1, Retail and Restaurant, sometime the central air-conditioning system is not working. Spot Cooler can help you improve customer comfortable.
2, When air-conditioning system failed or after a disaster, Temporary cooling are your trusty friend.
3, Commercial Leased warehouse, Because the limited of space, the large cooling system could be forbidden.
4, Small and enclosed server room, telecommunication equipment cabinet and data centers need supplement heat rejecter.
5, Spot cooling for lab environment and heat-sensitive equipment. These place similar with Commercial Leased warehouse, the large cooling system could be forbidden.
6, Factory and assembly lines where have not central air-coditioning system. Workers work is so high temperature environment is very painful. Spot coolers can help to solve these puzzle.
Spot coolers are easy to install, you can easy move it from on place to the another where you need to cooling. You just push it into place, plug in the power, it is ok to work. Meanwhile you can use some flexible duct out of the space you are cooling to discharge the hot air.

Portable air conditioners are easy to maintain; Almost all that you need is a periodic washing the filters and cleaning of the condensate tanks and pump. Any maintenance or facility managers are able to do those jods.
Because Protable a/c units are manufactured with environmentally friendly refrigerants, spot cooling could also match with the corporate and business Eco-Friendly motivation.
Compared with precision cooling, their energy consumption very low and help customers to save money.
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